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I had Rebekah help me organize much of my home over a couple of days. She very swiftly assessed the situation for each room and made recommendations of how to proceed based on the needs of our household. ​  

Her professionalism is exceptional.   

I was so impressed how much we were able to accomplish in such a short amount of time and have been able to maintain her organizational systems put into place! I am so very grateful to Rebekah for her hard work and vision -- my home office, kitchen, basement and closets have never looked better!

She gave me more space!   Our home was beginning to feel too small, but moving was out of the question. Besides, a family of four should be able to live quite comfortably in a four bedroom house! So, I looked around the house for more space. It was there, under the stuff. We had let our basement become a catch-all.  We had given up valuable square footage to clutter.   I asked Rebekah to help me reclaim it, and I'm so glad I did.   She helped me figure out I wanted to use the space for all of our different purposes: a work-out area, a craft area, and a play space. Then, we went through all of the accumulated stuff to figure out what to keep, what to donate, and what needed to go into the trash. It was not a painful process at all! She talked me through it all the way. Once we narrowed down what was staying, she organized it all using the containers and existing furniture I had, and made it look good! 
Now we have a space that we all enjoy using. I was able to fit in a new treadmill for me and a dance floor for my daughter to practice her dance. My kids don't mind taking their friends down there to play now. We can find our craft supplies when we need them and my kids have rediscovered their toys.  Thank you so much, Rebekah!!


Organized For Health Professional Home Organization 

Organized for Health is a top Roswell, GA professional organizer on!

I used Organized for Health recently in order to try and find some sort of way to get my crazy household mess under control.  I have four kids and work outside the home.  I am constantly trying to find a way to stay on top of a million different things going on, not lose valuable information, and keep my house somewhat clean.  Rebekah came in and provided me with the solutions I could use and hand held me through EVERY step of the way. 

She has vision!!  She was able to look at the same rooms I have been staring at for 8 years and envision ways to better utilize my space in just a short time. 

She is a combination of problem solver, interior decorator and visionary. Not only did she provide ideas of solutions, she walked me through the process and found exactly where I could get the products I needed to make my household operate smoother.  I definitely plan on using her again.  My next step is to tackle my closet!!!  Thank you Rebekah for making such a seemingly overwhelming process  easy.  I feel like we have made HUGE strides in my home that are easy to maintain.